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A Memphis Success Story
“ Vijay Harrell, CEO of OneClickShip Logistics”

Vijay Harrell, CEO of OneClickShip Logistics

“Coming to Memphis from San Francisco for the EPIcenter accelerator was a no-brainer. It’s one of the best things we’ve done to move our business forward. The connection to logistics expertise, potential customers, and mentors were all benefits we couldn’t have found anywhere else.”

One Click Ship is a website that would help small and medium businesses export goods overseas by connecting them with aggregated information on shipping options and costs for freight forwarding. Vijay Harrell of San Francisco and Corey Myers of Cincinnati are co-founders. Harrell, 34, a self-taught software engineer, observed small would-be exporters giving up because the process is so complex.

“The small guys need to have the tools of the big guys, and that’s what we’re doing: evening the playing field,” he said.

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