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A Memphis Success Story
“Chris Cantrell, CEO of L7”

Chris Cantrell, CEO of L7

Logistics expert Chris Cantrell is developing a Web-based business that would mesh the less-than-truckload freight industry to a mobile phone app used by consumers.

Still in the startup phase, the new firm has a name, L7, and a business model inspired in part by auto delivery services that move cars across the country. Buy your dream car in New Hampshire on eBay, and these folks will bring it to your driveway. L7 is designed for door-to-door delivery of other big, heavy items that cannot be shipped by UPS or FedEx.


"The idea for the current business formed long before we decided to slow down our third party logistics operations," said Cantrell.

Working in logistics put the brothers in touch with less-than-truckload carriers, or LTLs, organized to combine shipments from various clients as they fill a truck. LTLs know how to handle deliveries for a company, but most lack systems to deal with the different needs of consumers. L7 is designed to remove the barriers and unknowns to help households and truck lines connect seamlessly online.

"Some LTLs are more willing to make retail pick-up and delivery," Cantrell said. "They're aware of the opportunity and we're making it easier for them."

L7's software is still being worked out. The software components exist and need simply to be adapted.

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